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It certainly pays to take the camera for a walk, along with the dog. This local sunset was captured on such an occasion and when all the elements came together perfectly including a “light pillar” from the dying sun.



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Having endured all the rain over the past few week’s, Saturday began pleasant, bright and very sunny, as the day progressed the evening seemed set to have some reasonably good light. I loaded the camera gear into the car, along with my two dogs and headed towards Upper Teesdale.

I parked in the car park at High Force and quickly took the route for the South side of the River Tees, crossing over the bridge and then up to High Force itself and then onto Pasture Foot. The heather is currently in flower and several months ago I spotted a very old and zigzagging, dry stone wall. Thinking it would possibly look good with some heather and if taken with the late setting sun lighting the stone it may give the scene further contrast. However, it is strange how ones memory deceives…I  was almost certain that the area in which the stone wall was situated was also covered with heather, on my arrival I found very little heather and the light not really all that interesting.

Further hope and light was on the horizon but sinking fast. With a quickened pace I headed in the direction of Cronkley Pasture where the sinking sun was casting some dramatic light from behind dark clouds. The white farm and other buildings within the area were also looking dramatic in the half light and set against the dark cloudy sky. The Pasture was also looking good with the small hills and vegetation catching illuminating glimpses from the dying sun.



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After several days of exceptional heat, today we had dark brooding skies, rumbles of thunder and heavy showers for most of the day. My photography plans were shattered! Certainly no trip was going to be possible to the Northumberland National Park for a sunset and so I resigned myself to the fact that it was going to be a night in the house. After dinner however, the sky began to clear slightly and the showers became less frequent, we even had a glimpse of the sun through the clouds.

As the evening progressed towards the time for the sun to set, the sky began to clear even more and traces of pink and purple were becoming very evident in the evening sky. I grabbed my camera bag on the spur of the moment, made sure that I had my ND grad filters and headed off to the edge of a large woodland, which is nearby.

On my arrival I was greeted with a scene which truly resembled that of a rain forest in some far off land! Mists were beginning to rise from the woodland floor which gave the scene such atmospheric ambiance it was almost magical.

This image may look like paradise and totally idyllic but the truth is very much different. Council owned woodland, frequented by the local youth and other riffraff who generally abuse all it has to offer in the way of beauty. It is constantly littered by people who don’t have the decency to take their large household items to a recycling depot…but for just a few moments in time it lifted my spirits and made the whole day worthwhile.

There is no moral to this story but the words of Marcel Proust come to mind: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”

This posting was somewhat inspired by an on-line acquaintance and fellow photographer who’s work can be found at this location.

The image is a small panoramic composite of four portrait images stitched and cropped in Photoshop.

Woodland Sunset

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I am very new to wordpress.com and also new to blogging so please bare with me until I get up to speed. However, as the old saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words” so please don’t expect too many from me, as I hope my images will do most of the talking for me.

I enjoy many aspects of photography but landscape is my main forte and I hope that one day I will take an image which I will find visually pleasing and can continue to enjoy. Until that day I will continue to be self-critical and strive to master this art of capturing and painting with light. I am happy to hear other peoples comments and constructive criticisms about my work so please feel free to leave a message or two.

Below is an image which I recently took in the Northumberland National Park, UK. The subject is Sunset at Harbottle Lake which is set above Harbottle Village and close to the Drake Stone in the Coquet Valley.


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