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Arrived too late for sunrise but the sky was still clear and the light was good. Tried a different angle on getting images of the castle, from the righthand side there is a large pond which when I arrived was still and clear. The reflection was excellent but there were too many bushes and reeds to get what I wanted. Onto the sand and as the tide was on it’s way back in the sand was very nice and reflective with a good image of the castle in the wet sand.

Bamburgh Castle on the  Northumberland Coast

Bamburgh Castle on the Northumberland Coast


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Up early and a friend drove us both down to Ingleton for a full day’s hiking up Ingleborough then over to Twisleton and onto Scales Moor for the return journey back to the car park. Total distance of the walk was 18 miles with lots of image possibilities.

The weather was fair with lots of sunlight and blue sky to begin with, once we reached the summit of Ingleborough the cloud moved in and added some well needed atmospherics to the vista below.

Illustrated here is possibly the best image of the day, taken on the route back down from the summit.


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It certainly pays to take the camera for a walk, along with the dog. This local sunset was captured on such an occasion and when all the elements came together perfectly including a “light pillar” from the dying sun.


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A local woodland scene of mostly beech trees in autumnal colour.
Autumn by William Morris

Laden Autumn here I stand
Worn of heart, and weak of hand:
Nought but rest seems good to me,
Speak the word that sets me free.

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Just to announce that my new professional website for photography is now viewable at: www.davidlewins.co.uk

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